Letter Writing Skills

letter writingLetter writing skills are very important skills when communicating with others whether you are communicating with your friends or in business. However, in order to write a professional letter and make your ideas across, you need to make proper preparation and follow some basic rules.


Letter Writing Preparation

Depending on the importance of your letter, the process of preparation can take hours or a few minutes. There are three things you need to consider during the preparation process, the letter subject, the letter target audience and the purpose of the letter. It seems evident that we know the readers of our letter, the reality is that we often put too much time thinking about what we want and neglect the needs and ideas of our target audience. You need to consider the education background, the interest, the industry and the position of your target audience etc.

Letter Writing Process

After you have done proper preparation for your letter, you need to gather relevant information for your letter. For example, if you are answer questions from a customer, you need to have copies of previous records, service orders etc.

After all the relevant information has been gathered, it is time to write, many people are afraid of making mistakes so that they edit too often during the writing process. Studies show that professional writers go through numerous drafts, rewrites, deletions and revisions during the writing process.

Letter Writing Rules

In order to improve and polish your writing skills, there are certain important writing principles you need to keep in mind.

The first key rule is to be concise. People are busy now with all kinds of things in hand especially the business people. The writer need to use fewest words and simpler language to get the ideas across. Studies shows that a letter with one page is better than a letter with many pages with full details.

The second key rule is to be consistent. The consistence means that you need to use same reasoning, same format, style and layout throughout your letter. Professional writers is consistent in their use of numbers, hyphens, units of measure, punctuation, equations, grammar, symbols etc.